Hey the instance might be down for a bit while I try to pay for it haha

NARA IWW are bootlickers 

I guess the IWW has called the DoL on some comrades in the Twin Cities because most of the GMB here quit

Lewd, alc and tobacco mention, Yiddish 

All sorts of fancy new Yiddish textbooks out, but can you take them in the bathtub with a cigarette and a bottle of Port?

Hey y'all, does anyone have experience selling art from a place like RedBubble or Teepublic or something? Do you have somewhere you prefer? and if you're bought some how was the quality of the stuff?

Boosts rly appreciated here!

how to handle the cis dude in pair programming when you're a trans 

all you gotta do is when you share your screen, you code so fast he can't hardly follow, he'll act more respectful after that

Ethics in judaism 

From my partner, very worth reading if you're interested in the Jewish ethics.

"Here on Earth, in our lives, is where we learn the meaning of being human; we hurt and are hurt, we cry and laugh, we make mistakes and are given the chance to make up for them and learn from them. When we left Ganeyden, we left with a newfound knowledge of good and evil, right and wrong, harm and reconciliation. It is so integral to who we are, as beings with free-will."


re: advertisement, Judaism 

@MoMartin it's certainly something to think about

re: advertisement, Judaism 

@MoMartin @fakemaxkeeble of course, this reminds me of the decline of forests: I have read somewhere that in order for a forest ecosystem to collapse from clearing, only a fraction of the trees need to be killed. I don't remember what the fraction was but it wasn't very big, and even less if the clearing takes the form of segmentation.

re: advertisement, Judaism 

@MoMartin @fakemaxkeeble a choice based on a justified fear and trauma, to be sure. But there was certainly a sufficient body of speakers here to keep it going as the language of millions.

re: advertisement, Judaism 

@MoMartin @fakemaxkeeble a third of the world's Yiddish speakers in 1935 were in North America, 3 million out of ten and a half, according to Uriel Weinreich. It was a choice

Judaism, prob a divisive hot take, sorry 

@yossi secularism isn't secularism if it's religious. I was raised in a secular family and we weren't any less Jewish for it. There's a great secular Jewish tradition that (in the US) was destroyed specifically by assimilationism—which makes your point even more offensive.

Jewish secularism is not nearly as dangerous as "Christians with funny hats" religiosity that performs ritual but is rooted in the values of protestantism and/or the Xtian Enlightenment

chronic pain 

@yossi def not as much. Plus I'm using Kratom which is milder than pharmaceutical opiates

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