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@anarchiv i'm ok just busy, and my social media activity is limited to my agitprop platform on FB. Thnk you for asking =)

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Hi friends,
As you can see I haven't been very active lately, and the person who's been doing most of the moderation has left. I can't be responsible for administering this instance anymore, but I don't want to shut it down. So this means I need someone to take my place and take over administering the instance, and ideally take over the hosting contract too.

Help a disabled, black, trans woman on SSI survive this pandemic.

Bumping this post again.

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"Look!" Says the goat to his fellows. "I'm doing something! With a strong hand and an outstretched arm I will protect you!"

"How will you protect us?" Ask the others, congregated in their essential workplaces, hoping for some rent relief, PPE, and paid sick leave that won't come.

(Points to the Jews) "By taking care of the REAL cause of your misfortune!"


Going back to work in two weeks or a month... Not excited bc I don't like to work

ISO Yiddish proofreaders who are willing to speculate on a project of reprinting Yiddish books.

I am willing to help fundraise to support the work as well

"Antifascist traditions that have also roots in our history of partisan resistance continue here today."

Italian internationalist on the meaning of April 25 (day of liberation in Italy) and today's anti-fascism.

Help a disabled, black, trans woman with a SSI income survive this pandemic please:

Thought of the day: Debate Class should be banned. It teaches you do double down on everything and treats seeing things from another point of view as loss.

And the leftist twitter crowd will agree, thinking this is about Debate Guy, but the truth is, they've perfected the art of debate by adding emotional manipulation and threatening to exile the loser, pushing both sides to be as ruthless as possible out of self preservation.

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Their admin reacted to our concerns with a literal shrug emoji so I don’t think the decision will be reversed.

We will defederate from them on Monday at 20:00 CEST.

If you want a new account, feel free to join us on We will never voluntarily federate with fascists.

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Admin announcement 

We’re going to defederate from if they do not re-ban gab in the next week or so.

Please inform any mutuals you want to stay in contact with but we can’t make exceptions.

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