@abgd @jessmahler @eladhen I have more, but it's important to note that sacred Hebrew and Israeli Hebrew are essentially different languages with VERY different uses, and (as someone who grew up in Israel) I do feel that diasporic communities should be able to pull on the language without giving special consideration to Israeli Hebrew and its speakers

"tolerance" and the history of antisemitism 

apparently the NYPD announced that effective immediately they were disbanding, and that Trump Tower now belonged to the city's homeless, as did all of the other classist monuments of the city. they said they thought this was better than any form of apology but that if people wanted an apology too, they were sorry. certainly big if true

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all Jews were at Sinai and Ben Shapiro pissed everyone off so much that we sent him on a quest to go find an all-purple cow and he never came back until the 20th century

@kittybecca In other languages there was a state that enforced the standard language in schools etc, sometimes using deadly violence like in Italy and Spain

@jessmahler people sometimes get mad at the shit I talk about our Reform siblings

@jessmahler I grew up in Israel as a secular Hebrew speaker btw so I do remember we exist :)

I haven't lived there in more than a decade, however, so I have no idea what is being developed

I'm not too worried about the Orthodox; I'm more worried about how well those innovations integrate into the greater Hebrew grammar, phonetics, etc

Particularly given that there is a LOT more to Hebrew than the radically simplified version spoken in Israel, and many phonetic variants globally

@geske I am curious however what that actually looks like though. I've heard of such things but I've never seen them

@geske oy, idk if I went to chabad that would have the opposite effect of cooling my head lol. I guess it would redirect my anger...?

@jessmahler (and I say that as a Hebrew teacher in a Reform congregation so pls don't get mad)

@jessmahler Yeah I'm a descriptivist too. When I say properly, I mean in a way that is going to make sense enough to be adopted by a broad cross section of Jewish communities (including those with a high level of Hebrew literacy, i.e. not Reform)

We have a strong committee and support from the parts of the congregation and rabbinical team.

Hi all, I did end up getting fired from my synagogue—for organizing. But I'm getting my job back, because I've been organizing 😉

@geske how do you handle the different minhags of all those communities?

@jessmahler but also I 100% can't handle this site's aesthetic so nvm I guess

@jessmahler I'm going to have to learn about this as a Hebrew teacher but boy do I not trust anyone to do this properly

I love the underdog
The grey sky
The snow drift
The hot night
The reasons why
You sing like you sing
And I don't believe in G-d the way you do
It's the voice of the oppressed, marginalized, and distressed
Bringing beauty to an ugly, dying ,fossil fuel parched, capitalist infested world
That tells me
The spark of G-d in us worthless humans is real
I hear it
When you sing, cry, bleed, and die.

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