There are activitypub and indieweb plugins for wordpress that I can work on setting up once things are a bit farther along in establishing a collective

@kittybecca Yes it would—wordpress is established and mature enough to set up on with hardly any bumps along the way. I know it'll work and be stable and reasonably secure despite the fact that I'm not a seasoned admin.

I didn't like writefreely, it feels like alpha software, and when I checked the support forums they didn't look like a reliable source of help.In short, despite the fact that I think writefreely is better as a concept, I can't run a production instance of it

Hey I've set up a wordpress at if you want in send me a dm

there's still some work to do setting it up, and this time I will try harder to organize cooperative governance BEFORE things are rolling haha

What up doe. I’m a writer on here to vent, find light in dark places, find dark in light places, meet new folk, and lose myself in the digital landscape. Thank you and you’re welcome.

You know what?

If you're unwilling to acknowledge that an individual can be both an anti-capitalist figurehead and a total monster than you're not my comrade.

If you're unwilling to acknowledge that the fact that atrocities perpetrated under the USSR, DPRK, PRC, or other socialist governments can be simultaneously useful capitalist propaganda and true then you're not my comrade.

If you believe that state terror is a useful tool to control counter-revolutionary thought then you are my enemy.

if you refuse to acknowledge this i will go forward under the assumption that you are a cryptofascist

anyone acting in good faith can see that the problem isn't people being mean to those with different opinions; it's nazis dehumanizing those who were born different

dear centrists, it's 2019, almost 2020; it's time to stop making excuses for nazis. your excuses are obviously bullshit; look around you.



My face is low as I'm shuffled into the court room. The eyes of the gallery burning holes into my skin as cameras preserve every moment for posterity. The air is heavy with contempt, with curiosity. I am lead to the defendant's place and raise my eyes only to look at the judge. I am unsure of my own expression. Is it defiant, humble... Apologetic? The judge only glowers down from his throne. I am silent as the bailiff finishes the formalities. "How does the defendant plead?" the judge demands. I answer, my voice is clear but it is barely more than a whisper: "Enby."

I'm going to have to tell the students about this. Do you have a quick reference?

the word "wizard" was originally just a more germanic way of saying "sage"

which means it's entirely appropriate to talk about "the wizards of the talmud"

you're welcome

It's best not to discuss politics at work. If you do, it might lead to class consciousness which might cause people to join a union. That would make your boss sad.

Do you want to make your boss sad?

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