@kittybecca @ehashman Dovid Katz strikes me as not being one of the prescriptivists but I don't know his work that well

weird... yiddishculturaldictionary.org uses the term טומטום and abbreviation ט″ט for the neuter gender; i can't find any other instances of anyone doing this though

watch, this election you'll see attempts to portray Bernie Sanders' attacks on Donald Trump as antisemitic

also, you can just start calling Christian Zionists Jews while delegitimizing the Jewishness of Jewish non-Zionists

the new Jews are Zionists of all peoples and religions; the new antisemites are non-Zionists of all peoples and religions

if you make enough spurious arguments calling someone antisemitic enough times (like Linda Sarsour), you can then discredit anyone you don't like who associates with them (like Bernie Sanders)

then you have an entire self-referential system of far-right bullshit that doesn't even come close to reflecting Jewish opinion or priorities or concerns

Yeah we had fuckers like Bakunin too, but antisemetism is 100% a right-wing talking point that no self-respecting modern leftist would even entertain, never mind trying to use it to gain power.

me: fuck you, cold, you piece of shit, i hate you

cold: well actually, i don't exist, i'm just the absence of heat and you perceive that as--

me: and this is why i hate you



intergenerational trauma, monstrosities 

intergenerational trauma, monstrosities 

i don't care why people are nazis, or why they go to the alt-right, or why they enable the alt-right

i don't care that germans believed that Jews were the reason they lost World War I, and i don't care that white goyish americans think Jews are why they didn't grow up to be special and why their childhood vision of their country didn't turn out to match their adult reality

i am done with the abusive people who say, "don't you see their point of view?" fuck you.

The news have reached us yesterday that the german government has decided that the Hambacher Forest should not be cut down. This is a statement of the Hambacher Forest Press Team:

This news brings us neither joy nor despair. We interpret this as part of a political strategy aimed at delegitimising the Hambacher forest occupation. In the following points we clarify this as an attack on the climate justice movement:

(the english part is below the german)

antisetism cw, holocaut cw 

@kittybecca See this is such a solid basis; it is clearly an infinitely higher priority in traditional Judaism to bring Jews closer to Mitsvot practice than it is to protect some kind of purity... That zealotry we're seeing in contemporary Orthodoxy is the influence of Christian norms and ideas on Orthodox Judaism tbh...

@derpayatz but Eliyahu Bakshi-Doron and Ovadia Yosef, both Sephardi Chief Rabbis, encouraged Karaite and Rabbinic intermarriage on the grounds that it would encourage the Karaites to assimilate into Rabbinic Judaism

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