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thinkin about brands tweeting 4/20 puns who also do mandatory drug testing on workers

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amazing how genesis covers thousands of years of history, exodus covers one event and by the time you get to deuteronomy it's just one moses speech

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I was searching for mate gourds on Amazon and got curious when a lot of the top results were from a company called Balibetov. Ba li betov? Looked them up, sure enough, Shmuel Lieberman and Saul Gorowitz from Surfside, Florida and Brooklyn, NY. 😆

Fucking Israeli rave Hebrew, even here

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Here's my basic-ass tip for being a better reader and writer: create a browser search shortcut for the dictionary and thesaurus. Whenever I see a word I don't know, it's the easiest thing in the world to open a new tab and type, e.g. "d sartorial" and immediately see what it means. Or if I need a slightly less judgmental word for "slovenly", I can type "t slovenly" and be like "ah right, disheveled". Very useful to have that instantly available.

stop and shop workers are on strike, which is good but it also means they aren't getting paid.

y'all should consider donating to their strike fund. help some fellow workers out!

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