Judaism, prob a divisive hot take, sorry 

@yossi secularism isn't secularism if it's religious. I was raised in a secular family and we weren't any less Jewish for it. There's a great secular Jewish tradition that (in the US) was destroyed specifically by assimilationism—which makes your point even more offensive.

Jewish secularism is not nearly as dangerous as "Christians with funny hats" religiosity that performs ritual but is rooted in the values of protestantism and/or the Xtian Enlightenment

chronic pain 

@yossi def not as much. Plus I'm using Kratom which is milder than pharmaceutical opiates

Judaism, prob a divisive hot take, sorry 

Both secular and religious Jewishness are equally valid! but I think it's bad to do ritual but take the God part out, or replace Him with some sort of impersonal symbol out of non-Jewish spirituality. There's always been struggle with the nature of God within Judaism but is "God isn't important, how you feel is," or praying 2 "ה' רוח העולם," rly coming out of a deep conversation with Jewish philosophy? It feels assimilationist & appropriative. Love yall ❤️

@MoMartin @umalkosh @numberonebug I would say that if you're religious they're both equally important; and if you're secular, why are you using the religious framework?

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@yossi can't do that, I gotta stay focused on school and it doesn't play well for me 😕

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@MrFesser I'm going to try to wait for an hour 😕

being jewish in public 

@geske there's a specific thing about not looking like you might be breaking a mitsva while obviously Jewish en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marit_ay

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ugh the painkiller is wearing off but I shouldn't take another one yet

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I run a super small jewish server on discord. I need more users. All flavors welcome. I am also a cultural anthropologist and love discussing / debating the earth's history v the Torah account if anyone is interested in joining.


chronic pain 

My back hasn't been this bad in months. I guess it's from spending the whole day at the park for a kid birthday on Saturday. What a drag you all

@gendertreyf damn, don't you know it's so good that we're on Rosh Hashana 5,781?

@gendertreyf or, like had interesting and useful ideas. Although I shouldn't say anything bc I don't read theory, I just see what reading it does to most ppl

death ? 

i’m perturbed by how quickly RBG’s death turned into a fundraising ploy for the “left.” the very next day the focus of donation solicitors’ texts shifted from installing biden / ousting trump to “avenging” ginsburg ... like ... now i’m doubly not giving you money. have some respect. but i guess i’m in the minority bc democrats saw a big surge in their coffers ...

@dolldolldoll I hear that. We don't have a lockdown here but I kind of wish we did haha

jews.intl instance meta 

@anarchiv i'm ok just busy, and my social media activity is limited to my agitprop platform on FB. Thnk you for asking =)

jews.intl instance meta 

Hi friends,
As you can see I haven't been very active lately, and the person who's been doing most of the moderation has left. I can't be responsible for administering this instance anymore, but I don't want to shut it down. So this means I need someone to take my place and take over administering the instance, and ideally take over the hosting contract too.

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