Hey sorry I've been away, you know how it is. How is everyone? Are you ready for the apocalypse?

Reading about the great wave of migration from the FSU to Israel. The Hebrew article mentions as one of the factors, "at the request of the Israeli Government, the USA no longer allowed free entrance to refugees from the USSR, as Israel was receiving them willingly and unconditionally," but there is no source. The English article does not mention a request by Israel.

Does anyone have source?

Дорогие друзья, с новым годом! Пусть в новом году найдем мир и откроем братство народов. youtu.be/QSM8s05zTsU

Brand new, rewritten almost from scratch, version of liderbukh.jews.international is up! We now have support for multiple versions of the same song, and to celebrate, I finally transcribed the original version of this song, ווער האָט אַזאַ מיידעלע, including a rare recitative verse.

Times are hard, please support my work and this instance at liberapay.com/derpayatz/ for a recurring donation, or at paypal.me/derpayatz for tips...

Working on my calligraphy in prep for Der Oytser, things are moving along. If only you could see what the illustrator is coming up with!

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