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Here's what I ended up with. Verse 1 is in both the anthology and elsewhere, verse 2 is what was sung on Marek Edelman's funeral, and the rest is from the anthology. The refrain is from Edelman's funeral too, it is very slightly different from the anthology version too.

Go to for the rest of the archive in pdf format.

Thanks to a comrade I have an MS Surface 3 (not pro) and I'm installing Debian on it, but I forgot to put the back ports version of the wireless firmware on it so the download speeds **vary wildly** Also I couldn't find my 16GB USB drive so I had to use the netinstall.

This is going to take a long time and it's already an hour and a half past my bedtime.

Ok I fixed the exhaust with rescue tape and a hose clamp. Do I get the honorary hillbilly engineer medal now?

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7 volumes of Yiddish folk songs arrived at my doorstep. Also I got my piano back yesterday

Things could be worse for sure

Does anyone want to fix the touchscreen firmware for old Panasonic ToughBooks? They're super cheap on ebay and great for kids to learn linux

Here's a photo of my 9 year old using apt

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