Дорогие друзья, с новым годом! Пусть в новом году найдем мир и откроем братство народов. youtu.be/QSM8s05zTsU

Brand new, rewritten almost from scratch, version of liderbukh.jews.international is up! We now have support for multiple versions of the same song, and to celebrate, I finally transcribed the original version of this song, ווער האָט אַזאַ מיידעלע, including a rare recitative verse.

Times are hard, please support my work and this instance at liberapay.com/derpayatz/ for a recurring donation, or at paypal.me/derpayatz for tips...

Working on my calligraphy in prep for Der Oytser, things are moving along. If only you could see what the illustrator is coming up with!

Mh-, sleep, single player card game 

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