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my kids mom just admitted that her partner "has a hard time not seeing antisemitic stereotypes" in me— this partner's mistrust of me is why she won't let me rent the other unit in her duplex even though it would be best for the kids

she went on to say that after all it's true that I'm a long term planner who is always trying to get the best out of any situation for myself, and maybe it's someone else's turn to get the benefit

relationship things (---) 

I mean yeah I dropped the ball on everything in 2015 and it was really really bad. I've spent the last year and a half trying to fix things

Now her partner's been doing everything they could to ruin all my relationships that they could reach while smiling to my face but it'll always, always, be all my fault

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relationship things (---) 

I tried so hard to make things work again in some fashion for the kids sake, but it clearly won't get better, and her partner will never stop trying to poison this co-parenting

Maybe I should try to do some poisoning for my own benefit, since I already have the reputation anyway

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