OCR Output (chars: 1018) 

& tramampoline

Throwback to the time where I tried to
filter “***” to “ass” to annoy a specific
member of our forum but since * is a
variable operator I just filtered every single
word on the forum to “ass” and all posts
became immediately unreadable

& tramampoline

a ass ass ass assiass ( 1 2 3... 534 1 new post )
Started Oct 26 2006 by Jennifer

ass"ass.ass"ass ass'ass ass ass (123 .. 141)
Started Feb 21 2008 by Darth Hideous

Started Feb 13 2007 by Swing Dance Light

ass ass ass ass ass ass ass (123..15)
Started Aug 31 2010 by Brain

aSS ass ass ass ass.ass (123... 170)
Started Feb 12 2007 by Feyn

aSs ass ass ass(ass+ass,ass ass ass ass ass ass)ass ( 1 2 3)
Started May 17 2009 by hanrnanrz

ass ass'ass ass assiass (123 ..7)
Started Apr 5 2010 by Darkside

ass ass ass ass (123..176)
Started Feb 21 2008 by Tasty Salamanders

ass ass ass (123.. 137)
Started Feb 15 2007 by nantinkspink

aSS ass ass ass ass?ass?ass?ass (123 .. 51)
Started Feb 26 2008 by AK-FortySeven

OCR Output (chars: 1018) 

@derpayatz This OCR output is magnificent.

OCR Output (chars: 1018) 

@benhamill I'm having a good time, I don't mind telling you

@derpayatz admit it, you only tagged ocr bot to make it say "ass" a lot. think of the poor bot!!

I don't understand the joke, this is just a screenshot of a typical video gamer forum

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