I just finished correcting אויב נישט נאָך העכער, a charming little story by י. ל. פּרץ about what a Rebbe does when every morning on the Days of Awe, he vanishes.

Download the current version of the Yiddish Reader at github.com/derpayatz/yiddish-r



Plus I just added a mode for ebooks. I can't export epubs yet, but I can generate tiny pdfs the size of a basic ebook reader screen, so for now that's what you get =)

Yiddish, hyphenation 

Another frustrating thing: there is no hyphenation pattern for Yiddish out there that I've been able to find, and I have no idea how to go about creating one. So no hyphenation except in extreme circumstances, where I can put a break in by hand... =(

I'd love some help... I emailed Raphael Finkel who seems to be into TeX and Yiddish and like computer science, but that was like two weeks ago and I've received no response.

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Yiddish, hyphenation 

@derpayatz do you mean hyphens between wordclusters that German puts all together, or between syllables?

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