Hey I've set up a wordpress at if you want in send me a dm

there's still some work to do setting it up, and this time I will try harder to organize cooperative governance BEFORE things are rolling haha

@derpayatz i'm in

would it be harder/more costly though to set up a writefreely instance instead?

@kittybecca Yes it would—wordpress is established and mature enough to set up on with hardly any bumps along the way. I know it'll work and be stable and reasonably secure despite the fact that I'm not a seasoned admin.

I didn't like writefreely, it feels like alpha software, and when I checked the support forums they didn't look like a reliable source of help.In short, despite the fact that I think writefreely is better as a concept, I can't run a production instance of it


There are activitypub and indieweb plugins for wordpress that I can work on setting up once things are a bit farther along in establishing a collective

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