Here are some CoC I wrote for a different community: (1/4)

1. Don't be oppressive. No racist, misogynist, antisemitic, Islamophobic crap, please. I am pretty good at telling the difference between disagreement in opinion and the denial of people to exist, and the latter won't be tolerated.

2. Don't tell me I'm not Jewish. In fact, don't tell anybody who's Jewish, that they're not Jewish. If they say they're Jewish and don't believe in Jesus, they're Jewish. You'll be banned without discussion if you cross this line. (2/4)


3. Don't talk like a muzhik. Muzhik in Russian, in this context, roughly means "toxic man." In other words, if the best you can do to advocate for your position is that your opponent sucks dicks, just... Just shut up and go away. In fact, you won't have another choice because I will ban you. I have plenty of wonderful people to interact with on the Internet, I don't need this nonsense. Swearing and some hyperbole is ok, though, if it's used as an intensity modifier for actual ideas.(3/4)

4. Don't be a troll. Don't comment here if your goal is get a rise out of people, gaslight them, sealion, and so forth, rather than to have a conversation. (4/4)

What do you all think?

@derpayatz I am 100% for these statements and would make or second a motion that they be forwarded as CoC.

@kittybecca @derpayatz i think you've covered a basic spread of behavior that needs not be tolerated and stated it well.

I'll put it on the instance info and when things calm down here I shall get back to making the coop thing happen

@Digital_pigeon @kittybecca Done, with a little copy editing and an added "5. Please try to keep it SFW" since we talked about it before

@derpayatz @Digital_pigeon excellent!

imo we should put all our stuff like this on a git site or perhaps even on a string translation site, so we can translate it into languages widely spoken by Jews worldwide (e.g. Hebrew, Russian, French, Spanish, but also Yiddish due to its importance in certain communities, Ladino, Arabic, etc.)

@kittybecca @Digital_pigeon just like a github pages markdown page maybe? Later we could convert it to a jekyll site or w/e if needed

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