Oh wow it's such a beautiful spring day

I almost wish I wasn't an atheist so I could thank God for it lmao

@derpayatz so I've been corresponding with this NeoHasidic Rabbi name to Arthur green. He's the rector at Hebrew college Boston. But he was studying for the rabbinate his mentor was Heschel, and he was part of the original Bnei Or of Rabbi Zalman's new push for renewal. He had this idea that we ought to keep earth more in mind as its facing environmental destruction. It would be revisiting an old custom of reading Bereshit by day rather than psalm of the day not not as a literalist.....

@derpayatz he sent me some material is a hand out that he gave to the students at Hebrew college, and also an excerpt from a new book he's working on the detailed the idea. It was called Ma'amadot and I understand hundreds of years ago it was pretty common, but people kept adding to it and adding to it and it became such a burden in liturgy that it was dropped. I'm going to tack on a few more post here and drop in an excerpt of the excerpt.

@derpayatz There is a One that is ever revealing itself to us within and behind the great diversity of life. That  One  is  Being itself, the constant in the endlessly changing evolutionary parade. Viewed from our end of the process, the search that leads to discovery of that One is our human quest for knowledge and meaning, embracing both scientific advance and religious interpretation.

@derpayatz But turned around, seen from the perspective of the constantly evolving life energy, evolution can be seen as an ongoing process of revelation or self-manifestation. We discover; it reveals. It reveals; we discover. As the human mind advances (from our point of view), understanding more of the structure, process, and history of the ever-evolving One, we are being given (from its point of view) ever-greater insight into who we are ,  how  we  got  here, and where we are going. 

@derpayatz The true religious reading of our new narrative of origins is simply to look at the same story that science tells us, growing richer in detail with discoveries (or “revelations”) from day to day, but to do so with our eyes wide open.  It is the sense of wonder, our readiness to stand in awe of it all, that turns the scientific account into a holy drama.

I don't know. The way I read Torah is to like the ancient literature of my people. I am much more interested in ethics, epistemology, aesthetics, etc than in metaphysics

@derpayatz yeah, I get tarred by my rabbi on the regular with... Metaphysical or Psychological as a follow up question !

@derpayatz it is a lovely day! I had to mow and am firmly of the opinion lawncare is a construct of class warfare designed towards alienation and oppression....but snuck a half hour in the hammock too.

@derpayatz The incredibly complex interplay of forces and the thick web of mutual dependency among beings are no less amazing than the distance traversed in this long evolutionary journey. The interrelationships between soil, plants, and insects, or those between climate, foliage, and animal life, all leave us breathless as we begin to contemplate them. The emergence of both bees and blossoms, and the relationship between them, took place over millions of years, step by evolutionary step.

@derpayatz How could that have happened?  There  is  an  endless ingenuity  to  this  self- manifesting Being, an endless stream of creativity of which we are only the tiniest part. There is indeed something ‘‘supernatural’’ about  existence,  something  entirely out of the ordinary, beyond any easy expectation. But I understand the ‘‘supernatural’’ to reside wholly within the ‘‘natural.’’ 

@derpayatz The process may be an entirely natural one, yet by no means is something to be taken for granted, passed over as though it were not filled with mystery.  The difference between the “natural” and the “supernatural” is one of perception, the degree to which our ‘‘inner eye’’ is open, to which we are fully paying attention. ... - Rabbi A. Green So I thought it might be a neat share, hope it was enjoyable and not just clutter!

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