It doesn't really integrate with the Fediverse, it just sort of automatically toots a link to your actual post. And my reply isn't showing up as a comment. What a letdown

@derpayatz that is a massive bummer, I was planning to play with it because I thought it actually integrated 😑

@katastrophe I feel the same way. I think we really need a long form writing thing for the Fediverse that actually works

I heard of it but for some reason it didn't catch my interest. Looks good rn although I don't love the front end

How themable is it? Does it support Markdown? What I'd really like is some sort of api that would let me design the blog front end with something like jinja or liquid, write plug-ins, etc... So that it actually looks like a blog for readers


@gaditb @katastrophe
Quick look at the source code, it seems like theming could be done, although not on a per user basis which would be nice

@derpayatz Theming is planned later on, along with custom blog icons, right now you can have large-scale banner images in your posts similarly to

But #Plume is still under heavy development right now: for example, it currently supports #Markdown, but more WYSIWYG elements will be added over time for those who preffer them. Also, the search functionality was added very recently.

Who's currently working on #Plume, BTW?

Last time I checked there was only one dev. Has the situation changed? And have they added an official fedi account that I can follow? I'm personally interested in this project because I have a blog I want to move from Medium. Oh yeah - do they have a Patreon or something?

@rick_777 @derpayatz Honestly, two developers are most key, one is occassional.

I don't think they have an ''official'' account yet, but @Elza would probably be best to follow for updates, as well as @hirojin .

They have a LiberaPay account:

A lot of progress in the git master repository over at, so I feel that a second release is imminent. Very exited.

@mareklach @rick_777 @derpayatz @hirojin you can follow @Ana and @FDB_hiroshima for updates, since this is where we post the most important Plume updates (even if we don't do it very regularly, that's true), the other accounts are more personal (at least mine is) and not especially Plume-focused

and yes, a new release should come in the following weeks 😉

@Elza @rick_777 @Ana @FDB_hiroshima @mareklach @derpayatz Well, this is my tech focused account, but i'm the least knowledgeable of us three!

for more immediate updates and help, i suggest you join our matrix channel (if you're up for that)

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