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Who wants to write a Jekyll plugin to publish poetry? I have no capacity but I need it very much

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How can I reply to conversations on other instances that I found in a Google search?

Incidentally, highly recommend the cheap and quality Feather Popular razor along with the Feather blades. With care and practice you can get that baby butt feeling for much cheaper than any alternative

Back to using a DE razor, for that smooth smooth shave. Definitely feeling very exfoliated

Somebody has animated sheet music of John Coltrane's saxophone, holy shit. Actually a little dizzying to watch, but so much fun too.

Humans are confusing beasts.
If I should undertake the risk:
Pretend to understand the kinds
of things that go inside their minds!...

One time I made this base assumption:
My friend's behavior meant one something.
But from what happened after that—
they might as well have been a cat.

Mastodon is believed to have crumbled at the end of the Pleistocene 10,000 to 11,000 years ago.

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sleep technician/expert: "so, sleep is very important"

me: *frantically scribbling notes* not important?

sleep expert: "VERY important"

me: *scribbling* got it

sleep expert: "if you don't sleep enough, you're in for a fuckload of shit,"

me: *still taking notes*

sleep expert: "and if you sleep too much? well, you're in for a shitload of fuck."

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