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Speaking of Stephen Miller being a white nationalist, this shirt is now available in Yiddish via Teepublic! Redbubble coming soon.

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Hi, first time poster. I make a radio show in Montreal called Treyf. Thought folks might enjoy checking it out

Tune in to our series on "Fascism and the Far Right" as we examine the current moment and its relationship to the past. These episodes feature discussion with Shira Klein, Gord Hill, Diana Garvin, and Matthew Lyons

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The lesson of the German people of the time being held collectively responsible for the Holocaust wasn't "Germans are evil," it was "not punching Nazis means you're as bad as Nazis"

We all work with someone who:

- Slacks off all the time
- Makes others feel uncomfortable
- Is generally disrespectful
- Expects others to do their work for them

It’s all the same person, a boss, and they’re unnecessary.

To be clear, @JewishWorker was mass reported by the far-Right, especially Proud Boys over Telegram, in order to protect neo-Nazi groups like Atomwaffen. Proud Boys are led by Enrique Tarrio, currently running for congressional office in Florida + works for 'Latinos for Trump.'

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I don't know if it's just coincidental that in every large art museum ive been too all the renaissance, greco-roman and classical pieces are the bulk of the exhibits, and then most likely impressionism and maybe some abstract.

But if you really want to explore, you may find this secluded area, typically in the basement, where the Asian, Latin, Indigenous and African artifacts are tucked away in their own segregated "ethnic" space.

Many of the artefacts that are part of the exhibits stolen illegally from archeological digs. Burial mounds robbed, locals never notified of the extraction.

Return all stolen artifacts in colonizer museums to the communities they were robbed from. Their ancestors clothes, pottery, tools. Their history, and heritage, stolen to sit in a glass box in a basement collection.

@melissasage sure, but didn't they justify this with "we're defending ourselves against capitalism"

my reservations with Marxism-Leninism is how quickly every single possible detestable behavior can get subsumed under this excuse

note to any native english speakers reading: don't do this. it comes across as condescending, not complimentary. fluent l2 speakers know they're fluent

native english speakers be like 'you speak very good english :)'

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What’s a good temperature indoors in Winter?

Chile first revolution help by hackers! streets and online action :antifa: :ancom: :hacker: against capital and surveillance capitalism, EEUU and other big capitalist surveillance were not successful at mitigating misinformation and lies, hackers brought down lights, TV, and other control of information powers so the people could freely come out and protest and say what the fuck they wanted to say.... :ancom: :antifa: :hacker:

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