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Don't say, "the system is broken." Take a look at who the system benefits, by how much, and THEN you'll find out why it is the way it is.

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Here's what I ended up with. Verse 1 is in both the anthology and elsewhere, verse 2 is what was sung on Marek Edelman's funeral, and the rest is from the anthology. The refrain is from Edelman's funeral too, it is very slightly different from the anthology version too.

Go to for the rest of the archive in pdf format.

Here's a thing: The version of Di Shvue in the anthology has a completely different text than what I can find anywhere else after the 1st verse. I'm wondering if anyone has access to Vol. 15 of the collected writings of S. An-Sky or other resources to figure out wtf is going on

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btw please no one ever pay for disney movies, they have this thing called the internet now

This Friday, may John Brown bless your timeline and bring you good luck

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Today in Hebrew school we were making good progress so we spent some time talking about the Pale of Settlement and how the Israeli system in the West Bank is modeled on it

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Actually, I think that it's just that in the past I've been a giant douchebag and I try not to be anymore so I don't know how to function in public as a decent human

I am at my favorite bar, there's decent music live, I think I forgot how to enjoy myself in public

What I don't understand is how those kids manage to pee all over the *top* of the urinal

Then a kid read some stuff in traditional cantillation and I was like thank you ❤️

The soft rock prayer melodies drive me right up the wall though. It's even worse when it starts sounding like church hymns

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