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ISO Yiddish proofreaders who are willing to speculate on a project of reprinting Yiddish books.

I am willing to help fundraise to support the work as well

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Hey all, I have the rule set for Jacob's Ladder and svg of a (very basic) sample board, printable on a large format printer, on GitHub at

Enjoy and please send support if you can at for a recurring donation, or at for tips...

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Why do I spend so much time creating free high quality printable materials of old Yiddish texts and music, using open source tools?

Because I think that such materials and tools must be available to everyone—not just those privileged with academic access—if we want to bridge the chasm created between us and our ancestors by the Holocaust and the era of assimilation, and effect a Yiddish cultural revival in our Diaspora.

ah yes, "Christian Kabbalah," or as i like to call it, l'kicha (לְקִיחָה‎)

antisemitism, Nazis, anti-Orthodox attitudes 

Jews who aren't frum, we need to interrogate and call out anti-Orthodox attitudes in our communities. If you've ever watched the Nazi propaganda film Der ewige Jude - and I understand if you haven't - it shows pictures of very frum Jews in shtetls and says, "Most Jews aren't like the liberal, Westernized Jews you know" and uses this to justify the Nazi program. It then juxtaposes them with rats scurrying.

This antisemitic canard dates back at least to the Black Death and has been behind some of the ugliest pogroms in history. It was spread during the Holocaust as well by Nazis in pamphlets that purported to be about health.

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Bill de Blasio's recent antisemitic outburst reflects a very commonplace antisemitic canard that has spread during Coronavirus. Call this out. Most people gathering during this crisis are not Jews, and most Jews (including most frum Jews) are not gathering during this crisis. And frum Jews are donating plasma by the thousands to fight Coronavirus.

what you're referring to as israel is in fact medinat yisrael or as i've recently taken to calling it, statism + israel. israel is not a state but rather a people spread out across the world with thousands of years of tradition and culture beginning, but not ending, in eretz yisrael

Help a disabled, black, trans woman on SSI survive this pandemic.

Bumping this post again.

antisemitism, covid 

"Look!" Says the goat to his fellows. "I'm doing something! With a strong hand and an outstretched arm I will protect you!"

"How will you protect us?" Ask the others, congregated in their essential workplaces, hoping for some rent relief, PPE, and paid sick leave that won't come.

(Points to the Jews) "By taking care of the REAL cause of your misfortune!"


Going back to work in two weeks or a month... Not excited bc I don't like to work

ISO Yiddish proofreaders who are willing to speculate on a project of reprinting Yiddish books.

I am willing to help fundraise to support the work as well

"Antifascist traditions that have also roots in our history of partisan resistance continue here today."

Italian internationalist on the meaning of April 25 (day of liberation in Italy) and today's anti-fascism.

tired: freedom is reactionary and bad and only fascists care about it

wired: freedom is not possible without racial and economic justice and decolonization, and here's why...

Help a disabled, black, trans woman with a SSI income survive this pandemic please:

Jew: when you hyper-focus on Israel's war crimes and ignore or even excuse those of the rest of the world, that's antisemitic

Fediverse: omg wtf, you're excusing and minimizing Israel's war crimes and trying to distract everyone

tankie: can't believe people say the USSR committed "war crimes" and "genocide" when actually the U.S. did that and therefore the USSR is in the clear

Fediverse: *showers tankie with boosts*

Thought of the day: Debate Class should be banned. It teaches you do double down on everything and treats seeing things from another point of view as loss.

And the leftist twitter crowd will agree, thinking this is about Debate Guy, but the truth is, they've perfected the art of debate by adding emotional manipulation and threatening to exile the loser, pushing both sides to be as ruthless as possible out of self preservation.

Admin announcement 

Their admin reacted to our concerns with a literal shrug emoji so I don’t think the decision will be reversed.

We will defederate from them on Monday at 20:00 CEST.

If you want a new account, feel free to join us on We will never voluntarily federate with fascists.

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Admin announcement 

We’re going to defederate from if they do not re-ban gab in the next week or so.

Please inform any mutuals you want to stay in contact with but we can’t make exceptions.

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