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Here's a list of things that matter more than your ability to hold a job:

- your mental health
- your physical health
- your heart
- your kindness
- your willingness to listen to others and empathize with them
- your sense of humor (lol)
- your family, blood or chosen
- your creativity
- your morals
- you, as you are

This is a *very* good interview defining the term "emotional labor", with Prof. Hochschild, who introduced the term. It speaks to my feeling that the term is applied to scenarios it's not suited best for:

"It seems like this is mostly becoming a popular term in feminist conversations. But if we talk about all the unpaid labor women do in the home as “emotional labor,” we’re insinuating that any kind of labor that falls most often to a woman is “emotional.”"

sfsfsfsfs;kl;lk i wrote a short essay thing as a response to an article that criticised intersectionality in anarchism

it's probably full of typos and not very good as i haven't proof-read it yet and im tired as shit but i really wanted to write it because i feel like the subjects discussed are very important to me!!! lol :)

ginny is a really great admin & moderator.
there hasn’t been a time i’ve seen that someone recommended a block & we didn’t already have it on our list.

she someone actively trying to improve the lives of others online & offline. she’s created many spaces for folks to connect & create better culture & community online.

please consider supporting ginny so that she can stress less, survive, & continue the work she’s doing.

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i just realized the yiddish word for internet is "internets" and i am so happy

turns out the second worst president ever was just speaking yiddish

דוד המלך איז מײַן באַליבטער קוויר ייִדישער‎ דיכטער.

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