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violent anti-semitism, gerpol (some corrections) 

violent anti-semitism, gerpol 

Shouldn't need to be said but if you only care about religious Jews, you're still an antisemite

This is an excellent wee explanation of anarcho-syndicalism in general, you don't even need to know spanish to understand it, it's communicated visually

jifejo: a place for yiffing
jifilo: a device for yiffing

ekde nun jif/i estas esperanta radiko

from now on jif/i is an Esperanto root

jif: yiff (ekkrio)
jifi: to yiff
jifo: a yiffing
jifado: yiffing
jifanto: yiffer
jifisto: professional yiffer

@nev done

Panel 1: Reading יהוה as "adonai" because you're not supposed to say it and no one even remembers how to pronounce it

Panel 2: Writing it as יְהֹוָה to remind people to pronounce it "adonai"

Panel 3: Writing it as "Jehovah", pronouncing it /jeˈhova/

Panel 4: Pronouncing it /dʒəˈhoʊvə/

first the Masoretes vocalized the name of God with the vowels of Adonai since the name itself was never to be uttered and had in fact already been frorgotten

then some galaxy-brained german xtian took this to literally mean that the name was Yehova, which they wrote as Jehova because that's how you make the Y sound and they learned from european Jews that vav was pronounced as a v

then some galaxy-brained english speaker decided to pronounce Jehovah like it was an English word

I don't think most people understand how many levels of butchery the word "Jehovah" has undergone

As a matter of fact, her motives for coming to the United States are only secondarily related to anarchism. She had three reasons, she said, for wanting to spend ninety days in the United States. The first was to see her people, “for you know we Jews are a very clannish people” and she even used the phrase, “my children” in allusion to her grand-nephews and grandnieces.
""" -- Emma Goldman, Mellow Anarchist Here on Visit, Perplexes Newsmen, February 4, 1934, JTA

GOD she's such a BUBBIE.

atheist eh? gonna need to interrogate you about your opinions on every atheist state before i keep talking to you.

christian eh? gonna need to interrogate you about your opinions on every christian state before i keep talking to you.

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