Hungarian: Latin, how many levels of grammatical case are you on?

Latin: I have nominative, accusative, genitive, dative, ablative, vocative, and remnants of a locative case.

Hungarian: you are like a little baby. watch this

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Twitch Stream Announcement for 22 March 

there were righteous people who resisted in various ways, like by giving people places to be hide. they should be celebrated. they are. this is how some of my own family survived the Nazi occupation of Budapest.

but, the crimes these people fought back against have to be recognized in the context of existing sentiment against Jews, against queers, Roma and Sinti, disabled people, Black people, etc..

it wasn't simply a German problem imposed by the German occupiers

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Auf NDRinfo kam gerade ein kleiner Bericht, dass heute #Newroz ist.

Ich wünsche denen, die es feiern ein friedliches Fest zuhause.

covid-related GoFundMe 

Today we're gonna free more dragons and collect a ton of gems! Join me at 5pm CET when I continue the Spyro Reignited Trilogy. 💜

Heute befreien wir wieder Drachen und sammeln Edelsteine. Um 17 Uhr geht's weiter mit der Spyro Reignited Trilogy. 💜

FYI: Washington Health Ins Exchange special enrollment period for COVID-19 

a yiddish word i recently learned was ימח־שמוניק, yemakh-shmoynik, for a villain, scoundrel, terrible person, etc.

from "yemakh shmoy", "may his name be obliterated," which is said especially after the names of historic enemies of the Jewish people like Haman from the Book of Esther

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There is a new project to make a #FLOSS DuoLingo alternative!

Would love to figure out how to have the social aspects federated!

Hannah Ritchie, Our World in Data: *Less meat is nearly always better than sustainable meat, to reduce your carbon footprint*

"I have shown previously that what we choose to eat has the largest impact, making a bigger difference than how far our food has traveled, or how much packaging it’s wrapped in. This is because only a small fraction comes from transport and packaging and most of our food emissions come from processes on the farm, or from land use change.

Regardless of whether you compare the footprint of foods in terms of their weight (e.g. one kilogram of cheese versus one kilogram of peas); protein content ; or calories, the overall conclusion is the same: plant-based foods tend to have a lower carbon footprint than meat and dairy. In many cases a much smaller footprint.

As an example: producing 100 grams of protein from peas emits just 0.4 kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2eq). To get the same amount of protein from beef, emissions would be nearly 90 times higher, at 35 kgCO2eq. …"

#CO2 #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #meat #beef

Ĉu vi ŝatas #Duolingo? Kion vi opinius, se mi rakontas al vi, ke ekzistas projekto por fari io simila? Ĉio sub libera permesilo #GPLv3 kaj sia enhavo sub publikaĵo. Temas pri #LibreLingo.

**Opinion: A disgrace for Germany**

"A state premier has been elected to office with direct support from the far-right nationalist AfD. The utter breach of taboo shows just how weak opposition to the rise of the right in Germany really is, says Ines Pohl."

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Every month I intend to highlight a different Jewish organization working in the grassroots and on the margins of institutional Judaism in the Diaspora, showing that another world is possible.

Last month was Open Hillel; this month is the Jews of Color Torah Academy. JOCTA empowers Jewish POC, marginalized by majority-white Jewish institutions, to celebrate marginalized customs and traditions, uncover lost histories, and (re)build culture.

people who refer to anything as a "Versailles" in the sense of a humiliating and unneeded surrender negotiated behind closed doors raise a tremendous red flag to me

this is literal Nazi propaganda. the Treaty of Versailles was signed as Germany was surrounded and its armies defeated everywhere else, to avoid a senseless war inside Germany proper. the pervasive myth that it was a "betrayal" of "the German people" is literally what brought about the Holocaust.

Christianity: God comes down to Earth and says "this is what I really meant", forming the basis of a new religion

Islam: God sends an angel to Mohammed to say "this is what I really meant", forming the basis of a new religion

Rabbinic Judaism: A voice from Heaven says, "This is what I really meant." The rabbis say, "The Torah is not in heaven; it says so right in Devarim 30:12. Butt out."

anti-trans bigotry, Spinster, friendly reminder 

To whoever invented the number zero 

Brand new, rewritten almost from scratch, version of is up! We now have support for multiple versions of the same song, and to celebrate, I finally transcribed the original version of this song, ווער האָט אַזאַ מיידעלע, including a rare recitative verse.

Times are hard, please support my work and this instance at for a recurring donation, or at for tips...

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