ashkenazim: use the word 'nu' in your speech as much as possible. it is our heritage send toot

We deserve better so I guess we'll just have to do it for each other and ourselves.

money, personal 

trans/religious joke 

P**pl* s*m*t*m*s w*nd*r h*w y** c*n r**d l*ng**g*s l*k* H*br*w th*t d*n't h*v* v*w*ls b*t wh*n y** g*t *xp*r*nc*d w*th r**d*ng th*n I th*nk y**'ll f*nd *t's n*t th*t d*ff*c*lt

Eid Mubarak!

Şeker Bayramınınz kutlu olsun!

antisemitism, racism, german blogger being an asshole 

ableism and subtooting 

if biking to shul on shabbat is forbidden because the bike is working to carry me then surely wearing a bra on shabbat is also forbidden

Ramadan Mubarak to all our Muslim comrades on here, may your fast be easy

Did you know 'emoji' is a Japanese word and has nothing to do with emotions or emoticons or whatever?

絵文字 (emoji): 絵 (e) means picture, and 文字 (moji), means character (moji is two kanji--the first meaning culture or writing and the second meaning letter).

The word 漢字 (kanji) itself uses the same 'ji' (字), with the 'kan' part meaning China (so kanji means 'Chinese character').

I just find that all interesting. In a way, emoji and kanji serve the same sort of function.

as i head off to watch the capitalist spectacle of the week on shabbos, i leave you all with this badass Jewish anarchist flag found on my girlfriend's facebook

Twitter thread, IMO important stuff on dealing with toxic intracommunity behavior 

it is the second day of the omer

in kabbalah, apparently, this is the day of "gevurah that is in chesed", might within loving-kindness

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