workers of all countries unite :blackcat: 



Disloyal to idols since the days of Abraham*.

Disloyal to tyrants since Pharaoh.

Disloyal to little men who wish they were G-d since Homen.

Disloyalty to evil is a form of loyalty to G-d

*(some minor excpetions to this (see Kings and Chornicles))

so why not make the right amazon burn, and the right ice burn?

A reminder that the Tree of Life synagogue shooter murdered 11 Jews on Shabbos because of their congregation’s social justice work and support for immigrant rights. The President’s labeling of liberal Jews as disloyal is a validation of this kind of violence. It’s chilling.

uspol, jewpol 

Most of what people think of as Indo-European influence on Modern Hebrew's grammar is in fact Aramaic influence that had already entered the language when the Mishnah was written

In Yiddish all diminutive nouns are Noyter gender. Der Hunt, Dos Hintele.

So to make things gender neutral you can just make them cute.

uwu fwiends and comwades

shoah, cultural genocide of European Jewry 

reminder that Germanic surnames were forced on Ashkenazi Jews by law and it's never ok to use an Ashkenazi person's imposed European surname to erase their Jewishness

if you've ever said "judeo-christian" unironically you don't have a Jewish soul, sorry not sorry

@chanele @kittybecca tiberian Hebrew used a voiceless lateral fricative for sin (the same as the ll in Welsh)

TERFy is an anagram of treyf which means being a TERF is not kosher

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Jewdas just put out a fucking perfect "typology of British Jews" and it more or less also applies to Jews in the U.S.

"Every Religion Is Western Christianity With A Different Coat of Paint; a child's guide to being a leftist"

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