Ppl on Twitter are debating whether it would be okay for ppl to hold antizionist protests in synagogues on Yom Kippur

@begaymeltrings If goyim didn't have a CHANCE of coming NEAR it, MAYBE we can discuss it.

@begaymeltrings Even then, IMO, nah -- Yom Kippur is a communal coming-together about PERSONAL sin, not COMMUNAL sin.

If you want to connect it to the Yamim Noraim, I'd say better to do it outside the exits of shul for people coming out of Rosh HaShanah services, and connect it to Tzom Gedalia, especially in a Dvar Torah or something.

@gaditb yeah i mean to be clear i wasn't in favor....i didn't even join the discussion

but yeah

@gaditb the discussion was specifically about *protesting shuls*

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