Showbiz... We had a touring company in town for the last 2 days. I musical number and I was picked to work wardrobe for production. Never did wardrobe before, I had three lovely men, whom I was essentially a valet for. It's all bright lights and excitement, until you're turning a ringing wet shirt right side out again so he can wear it for act 2 scene 1!

Building an experimental electronic hand drum. It's essentially a stompbox, but we'll see how it plays.

Got to hell BBC, in Feb 2017 I was painting over swastikas/pro Trump messages on our bike trails. People blew it off, I was told I was over reacting, I was dragged in the comments on the news page here for saying it was dangerous. We've been warning of this since the day Trump started his insane path!

I will be at a memorial today at the mosque. Our rabbi will speak. After PGH it was the Imam who called on our Jewish community, our xtian neighbors drifted in slowly, begrudgingly, offensively. After Christchurch, our rabbi was the one on local media denouncing hatred. We are the minorities, in a land dotted with pointy white buildings proclaiming agape, and we will mourn today with our siblings. Some preachers and priests will show, ministers and parsons too, but will they ever get it?

We seem to be in sad times.

My community has lost 11 people in the last month to old age, the way we were meant to go. I wrote this after my third tahara as we've grown so small that sharing the mitzvah is impossible anymore.

We are to enter shabbat with joy, and tonite I will try and couch my sadness for my community and the world. I hope the time will be restful for all who read this.

We have a long road ahead.

Shabbat Shalom:shabbes: :shabbes

Dutch person: "tell me something foreign, and naughty"
me: "it's too rainy to ride my bike"
Dutch person: "oh godd just like that"

:hamsa: a good week, a week of peace, may gladness reign and joy increase:mezuza:

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