One of the older members of the chevrah has never seen Maus so we're reading that next.

Interesting turn in the literature we've tackled.

Hospital humor 

Surprise bonus round! You get injectable contrast too! (We like to wait and throw the disclaimer for the huge list of side effects at you when you're standing next to the imaging equipment.) Don't worry the taste of metal in your mouth and the sensation of urinating is perfectly normal. The tingle in your eyes tells you it's working! Now just sign the release form right here and we can get started.

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Hospital humor 

Ultimate vegan smoothie, all natural dairy substitute... Barium.

Attendant: here's your....
Me: what flavor of floor polish are you using today?
Attendant: it's supposed to taste like water...
Me: we both know that's wishful thinking...
Attendant: you've done this before... see you in an hour...

Guess who's got two thumbs and an appointment with the CT scanner....I hate the healthcare system. My insurance has fought evert decision my physician has made today. They keep asking for letters of authorization, like the dam doctor initially saying do it needs justification. From procedures to Rx it's been a fight all day...


This is what the military industrial complex looks like. For 32 years these missile systems have been unsold. It's about moving product in a market segment that makes significant political donations. Aerospace puts a lot of R&D into killing machines. 10 years ago the watervliet arsenal, a historic barrel (gun) works near Albany, NY was excited to have a contract with the Egyptian military, upgrading tank cannon systems. The religious right are hippocrates, where's Micah's words now war pigs

Our shul did a kosher chicken BBQ this past weekend while I was out of town.

Everyone: "How will we kasher the cooker?"

Me at the end of the table: "flamethrower..."

This is the chair of the ritual committee working to kasher the BBQ.



BBC News: Trump official revises Statue of Liberty poem to defend migrant rule change
BBC News - Trump official revises Statue of Liberty poem to defend migrant rule change

All right folks, things are about to pick up here.
:shabbes: A good Shabbos to you all..:shabbes:

:hamsa: May we all come back renewed to continue the fight against whatever nonsense the world leaves in a burning sack on our doorsteps next week. :eynhora:

If you're into temple/shul/synagogue or not, try your best to leave the mess for another day and just unwind for a moment.

In other awful decisions the invisible hand is steering... Our local grocery chain just in stalled carousel type plastic bagging on the cusp of a plastic bag ban and I see the millions poured into open office design can be easily corrected by a group selling "phone booths"... The long final fart of capitalism still ripping on I suppose...

News sites:
I don't like many, I still use BBC's ever worsening app... But the proposal here are: a.) Are there more video stories than text based stories suddenly? b.) Is this because I can't scroll by the advertisement and just aquire the information with video?

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