Been having a slavic day. Kasha varnishkes for dinner at my house tonite.

Thinking about winter and dug up a few old favorites. The garden was when we lived in the mountains. That fence is 5' tall!

They don't advertise, they don't have any sort of blog or FB or any thing but a web site from 1998 with a single POC email address to a guy who isn't really into answering questions. I'm thinking of making an unofficial blog on the side to track and build community. Crazy talk?

By social services, it runs 6-1800 bus on the hour & most loops connect living residential to hospital, employment, social outreach offices. A few spur lines connect local cities at increased fair and 2 runs a day & a run to the sprawling shopping area (mall.) You would be hard pressed to make it work as an hourly worker in say the factories here. It seems to be fit to disabled and retired who need this vital linkage to services.

Here I have come to blows with the city mass transit system again. I think I hit a nerve! We have a bus network that is essentially built around social services & really impractical for anyone else to make truly effective use of. My contention was not this matter but an antiquated web site with no means of timely communication to the ridership. You have to refresh & spot the differences like some old-fashioned cereal box game. Am I crazy to demand they respect us as a community & not freight?

I love this instance, I fall asleep at night and wake up to the most interesting stuff!

that didn't work for the Romans and it won't work for you

Tonight KabShab is led by our shul's sisterhood. Looking forward to the dvar Torah and discussions. This should be a more regular thing, I wonder if I might convince the sisterhood to give dvar once a month. They hold the kitchen like NORAD holds Cheyenne Mountain, and need to know that while that is appreciated we need their voices in the sanctuary, now more than ever. And our men need the opportunity to prove their hands work in the kitchen just as well as anyone's!

humans have an incredible capacity for kindness, compassion, & solidarity.

avoid people who make you doubt this.

seek people who embody this.

:eynhora: Our library has a 3D printer the public can use for cost of supplies. So I sent them a tefillin box to try.

The design is on thingverse for download.

Its not chungus (Chabad) sized but a little large for my set so I'm scaling it down and reprinting it. :red_dovid:

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