Has anyone else come across this? And if so, am I the only one that is excited for it to be completed?

Apologies. Still trying to figure out the functionality of this platform. Not sure how to directly respond to comments. I am happy to see that people have engaged with the article I posted on gender neutral Hebrew. I was a bit dismayed when I too reached the commentary about not just going all whilly nilly changing Hebrew. It's frustrating. But I do hope that egal congregations are able to adopt it. I would love to see it in print.

In an increasingly nonbinary world, is gendered Hebrew willing to adapt?

While applauding the social impetus, Israelis are divided in opinions on an American-based initiative and question its grammatical integrity

A nice thing about this, versus Tumblr is I'm not in some kind of fucked-up-void-quarantine for HaShem knows how long. I post. I tag. And viola! The rest of the world knows I exists.

This is mine:
It's about the worst website ever,hahaha. It is such a small community, about 100 people. The options here are very small,the only others being Chabad and the Orthodox (who by the way have a beautiful synagogue).

Had a lovely time with the progressive community last erev shabbat. The hanukkiah was lit as were the Shabbat candles. We then all enjoyed a lovely dinner. We went back on Saturday for Shabbat service,and the Rabbi gave a thought provoking and a bit unexpected sermon. She is spunky and witty and I cannot wait to learn from her.

Thank you! These are exciting times,indeed. Being patrilineal can be tough,and even emotionally exhausting. But I have gathered strength at times by reminding myself that we were a people before we had a "codified" religion. Regardless, I found my way to HaShem though, through exploring and researching my ethnicity and our history, and not only do I feel I am exactly where I should be, but I think I may have found a very welcoming and accepting community.

I'm Erik.
I am "super"-patrilineal: my father Ashkenazi, my mother Ashkenazi on her father's side. Heavily drawn to the mystical /esoteric aspects of Judaism.
I am looking to convert progressive if I am a good fit with the tiny local progressive community here (wasn't raised with Judaism).
On an Island in Scandinavia.

(Do not get me started on the appropriation of Jewish mysticism and Kabbalah in everything from new-age/esotericism to the complete bastardization of the Sefirot-the whole LHP Qliphoth thing, not to mention the complete glossing over of antisemitic tropes in the depiction of witches throughout time and then the whole trendy "witch aesthetic" thing).

There is no Kabbalah without Judaism

There is no Kabbalah without Judaism

There is no Kabbalah without Judaism

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